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Abstract£ºSome research agency published a market report about OLED lighting material and forecasts that in 2018, OLED lighting material revenue will exceed 1.3 million dollar and moving into 2019, OL¡­
According to Japanese media reports, Panasonic will enter the Chinese mainland residential LED lighting market in July this year. 18 types LED lighting products will be introduced, including 2 LED cei¡­
Philips Lighting has introduced a new solid-state lighting (SSL) retrofit lamp called Hue that uses a mix of LEDs to produce tunable white light and 16 million colors. Users of Hue will control the ¡­
You¡¯ll definitely notice it the next time you step into the War Memorial, whether it¡¯s for a Crunch game, Disney on Ice, or anything else. Newly installed LED lights are making the War Memorial ¡­
Patently Apple reports that LED Tech of Tyler, Texas has named Apple in a patent infringement suit, claiming that the third-generation iPad and MacBook Pro are infringing products. These products us¡­
In view of LED lighting with advantages of energy saving and environmental protection compared to traditional lighting, China issued the program on phasing out incandescent lights last year. The gover¡­
LED TUBE LIGHT: It is designed professionally in aspect of structure and working character. Because of the saving energy character, 15W T8 led light tube can directly replace 40-50W fluorescent t¡­
For illumination enterprise, it is undoubtedly a great LED Light gold field. Earlier government published the three years out, and 10 million incandescent light up the same amount energy-saving lamps ¡­
Due to China¡¯s strong policy support and huge market, Chinese LED market has always been a major focus of the industry.Recently China¡¯s annual solid-state lighting product subsidy bidding process re¡­
Creereaffirms its commitment to delivering world-classLED lightingquality, performance and customer service with the introduction of a 10-year limited warranty on nearly all new Cree commercialLED lig¡­
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